1. Square footage
How much space is enough? How much is too much?

2. Lease Rate
Is the lease rate within your budget? Does the price include utilities and maintenance fees?

3. Layout
Does your team collaborate enough to warrant an open floor plan, or do they need privacy?

4. Accessibility
How difficult is it to reach your office? Is is convenient for your employees and customers?

5. Co-Tenancy
Are any of your competitors in the same building? Could a risky business be housed next door?

6. Neighboring Businesses
Are there restaurants or convenience stores nearby for your employees to visit over their breaks?

7. Availability
If your team grows, does the building have any other suites  available in which to expand?

8. Amenities
Do you want an in-house cafeteria or workout room?

9. Furnishings
Do you need a space that includes cubicles and desks?

10. Signage
What kind of signage opportunities are at the building? Marquees? Lighted? Monument?

11. Lease Term
Are you looking for a 6 month term or a 3-5 year term?

12. Visibility
Is the building located in a high traffic area? Will people be able to view your sign as they drive by?

13. Property management
Who is the landlord/property manager? Do they have the resources to respond to issues quickly?

14. Image
What does the building “say” about your company? Aesthetically, does it fit your image?

15. Parking
What is the parking ration? Do you need covered parking? Executive parking?

16. Technology
What are our technology requirements? Do you need high speed internet? Ethernet? Wifi?

17. Security
Do you want an on-site security guard? Security card access? Will a regular lock and key do?

18. Agent
Have you called a qualified agent to help with your search.