By Ryan Englin, CEO of Inspire Business Concepts

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Sometimes getting business owners to create content for their website is like getting kids to eat their vegetables.

They may believe you when you say it’s good for them but they’re not going to invest in it without a fight.

I often get asked, “Give me a reason why it matters if I create content for my website?”

Well, how about 5 reasons?

  1. It gives people something to share.

When you have customers who love you and your business, they’re eager to tell their friends. But sometimes they’re not sure what to say or how to say it. By creating content, you’re giving your customers something they can give to friends and family, helping them spread your message.

  1. Newsletters keep in touch with customers, past and present.

Your content is one of the best things for you to include in the newsletter. It is unique to your business and gives your newsletter value to your customers.

  1. Not everyone understands things the same way.

Use new content as an opportunity to share messages or ideas in different ways. Here you can break complicated ideas into smaller pieces or use different examples. By taking the time to put together regular content, you’ll be able to connect with more people.

  1. New content helps keep you relevant on search engines.

Putting out new information on your website shows search engines that you’re alive and helps maintain your search position while your competition grows stale.

  1. New is more interesting than old.

Keep your website (and social media) interesting with more content. Even though you think there’s nothing new or exciting for you to share, your audience disagrees. When you put out new content, you’re giving them more insight into your business, educating them on solutions, showing them new services you offer, and keeping them engaged in your brand.

You don’t need to put out a lot of new content. If you wrote one new web article per month, you’d end up with 12 pieces of content by the end of the year! That’s more than most businesses.

The best part is, new content is useful in other ways too. The content you create can be used in sales, in marketing, and to keep people coming back.

Content is an investment, but it pays back in the long run.