When it comes to enrolling in Primavera’s summer school courses, we can’t really think of a reason you shouldn’t! But we certainly have a list of reasons why you’ll want to get enrolled this summer; check them out below.

1. Our summer courses are completely tuition free!

Three words: free summer school. Should we continue?

2. Get caught up on credits

If you are needing to make up some courses, Primavera’s online summer school is just four weeks long so you can get caught up quickly. You could even earn up to 1.5 credits (One and a half complete courses) by enrolling in all three sessions!

3. Or, get ahead in school

If you’re not in need of making up credits, then use summer school to get ahead and possibly graduate early, or just have more room for the fun courses in your schedule.

4. Improve your grades

With one course to focus on and our highly-qualified instructors providing personalized attention, Primavera’s online summer school is a great way to bump up those grades.

5. Study where you want

100 percent online means that school can be wherever you’ve got a laptop and internet connection. Study out by the pool, at a local coffee shop, at home in your pajamas or wherever you want!

6. Try a new class

Primavera has a lot of electives to choose from. This summer, try an online summer school course that you’ve always been interested in but never had the time for during the school year!

7. Get an opportunity to win concert tickets and more!

Quite possibly the best reason yet: Primavera is constantly giving away meet and greet passes, concert tickets and other great prizes exclusively for our Primavera Panthers. So if you enroll in a summer school course, you get access to several giveaways you won’t want to miss out on.

8. Still have time to enjoy your summer

With courses being 100 percent online, flexible and lasting just four weeks, you can knock out a course and still have time to go out and enjoy your summer.

Summer sessions begin May 23, May 31 and July 5. You can enroll at FreeSummerSchool.com. If you are already a Primavera student, please head to this website to enroll.