The Arizona Department of Education released the 2015 AzMERIT statewide test results this week. DVUSD students scored as well or higher than most of our comparable districts and significantly higher than the Maricopa County and Arizona state average. Here is a look at the results from DVUSD and some of our comparable districts for percent proficient:

All Students Math       All Students ELA
DVUSD                 44                                  44
Dysart                    29                                  31
PUSD                     40                                  41
PVUSD                  39                                   42
SUSD                     47                                   48
Maricopa Co.        38                                  37
Arizona                  35                                  34

It is important to remember that AzMERIT tests are one of several measures that are used to determine a student’s academic performance. In addition, this first set of results are simply a new baseline from which progress will be measured. District results may appear lower than in previous years because the tests measure more complex skills including critical thinking, problem solving, and analysis. This year’s scores cannot be compared to previous test scores, since they focus on different skills.

AzMERIT tests emphasize applying skills over memorization. Strong teaching coupled with engaged learning throughout the year is the best way to not only prepare for this test, but also to prepare for college and a career.

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