The Speakeasy, on Easy Street ~ 

By J. Adam Burch and Stacey Lane  



A new venue with an old history, brass in the band and grand piano.  It is a different place inside the door, a story on display about another time and rare style that can’t be licensed or prohibited.  The name is the same, but the meaning a little different today as it adapts freely, into the modern Speakeasy.  During a time when speaking publicly about a drinking establishing and serving spirits could hinder your status in society, the term “speak-easy” indicated to keep one’s voice down, the name became universal. 

Other names like “blind pig” or “blind tiger” were used for similar reasons, to hide the server’s identity. Recently, the name has been revived for bars and restaurants looking to retro-fit a theme and giving the patrons an experience compelling them to return.   

Showing pearly whites, a singer in gentlemen’s clothing will serenade with Sinatra and Martin, it is rumored Elvis may make a cameo following the flawless Monroe. A new art is being created using a unique mixed medium of musical hosts, atmosphere, and a dash of history.  

 Located in the heart of Carefree, The Speakeasy on Easy Street embraces that return.  Owner, Jeff Schutt, is among those taking the creative approach to growing competition in the restaurant business, serving 12 oz. filet mignon that melts to Mack the Knife.   


Tiny bubbles set the stage with a well-versed menu complemented by a 125 bottle wine selection which includes 35 reserves and 10 sparkling French Champagnes.  Wines are global in selection from Napa and Oregon to Germany, France, Italy, and Argentina.    Starters include the Garlic, Artichoke Spin Dip served with freshly warmed Parmesan Toast Points. The steaks are cooked with European butter, and the mashed potatoes served with generous portions of lobster.  Pork chops with mixed berry and apple chutney with mint, red drum fish garnished with a sautéed butter mix of cremini mushrooms are amongst the fare in the warmly lit space.  

A variety of seafood dishes engulf rock shrimp while desserts such as the featured warm butter cake ala mode is served with a homemade rum caramel sauce. The success of the restaurant recently celebrated a one year anniversary honoring its thematic twist.  “I built this with a focus around entertainment first. We’re intimate, not pretentious and a bit more whimsical,” Jeff Schutt remarked.  “It’s about Booze, Steaks and World Class Entertainment,” he adds with a slow smile.


The Speakeasy on Easy Street features world class artists such as Alice Tatum, Nicole Pese and Khani Cole as well as big bands up to 19 pieces on occasion.    Inspired by the brighter, brassier and more vibrant lifestyle and culture, this Speakeasy echoes the distinctive cultural change and economic boom the years flaunted. 

Reservations are recommended, and perhaps a black boa, stretch sequin headpiece with ostrich feather and a long cigarette holder for the ladies, coupled by neutral tailoring for the gentleman.  The casual and comfortable are equally embraced.  Check the calendar for weekly entertainment, nightly specials and upcoming holiday events.  If all art takes courage, have the courage to Speakeasy.   

For reservations and information call (480) 584-5750 or visit; www.speakeasyoneasystreet.com