Photo courtesy of the Anthem Community Council

The Anthem Community Council (ACC) has approved an ambitious expansion project for the Anthem Veterans Memorial (AVM), a move that will enrich the memorial site as a cherished community landmark and honor to our country’s servicemen and women.

The proposed expansion was given the go-ahead at the April 2023 ACC board meeting. Rear Admiral Ron Tucker (USN, Retired) presented the proposal on behalf of the 2023 AVM Expansion Committee. The council also affirmed Haydon Corps, the original builders of the AVM, as the exclusive contractors for the expansion project.

This expansion will add 3,000 commemorative pavers to the Circle of Honor, raising the total to 5,400. In addition to this, the project promises several enhancements to improve the memorial’s accessibility and aesthetic appeal. This includes the installation of new lighting systems, the addition of two sidewalks to facilitate entry, the revitalization of flower beds, and measures to redirect water from the AVM pavers to provide relief from water and dust. The expansion will also involve relocating sponsor pavers to a new area and adorning the tops of the pillars with new enhancements.

With a budget of $172,000, the expansion is set to be funded through the Anthem Way Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to supporting and maintaining the Anthem Veterans Memorial. Those interested in contributing to this worthy cause can make a tax-deductible donation by following the instructions at

The ACC extends its gratitude to the 2023 AVM Expansion Committee, comprising Jim Martin, the chief engineer; Dan Cleland, the landscape architect; Elizabeth Turner, who handled fundraising and planning; and Steve Seivert and Mark Eklund from Haydon Corps.

The Anthem Veterans Memorial, situated in the Community Park of Anthem, is a notable symbol of respect for the sacrifices of our country’s armed forces. Dedicated on Nov. 11, 2011, the memorial offers a serene space for reflection and honor for veterans, their families, and friends. The AVM gained recognition as an Arizona Historic Landmark in April 2012.

The Anthem Way Foundation, established in 2011, serves as the charitable arm of the Anthem Community Council. It primarily facilitates and accepts donations for programs and services that support the Anthem Veterans Memorial.
Anthem, a master-planned private community, is governed by the Anthem Community Council, Inc., which is committed to fostering a sense of community, driving sound economic development, and promoting a quality of life for all Anthem residents. This expansion of the Anthem Veterans Memorial aligns with the council’s mission and marks a significant step in enhancing the community’s cultural heritage.