Photos courtesy of Anthem Market in the Park

Anthem’s Market in the Park returns Friday, Sept. 8, to Anthem Community Park, located at 41703 N. Gavilan Peak Pkwy.

The Market on 41st and The Spa on 41st are at the helm of this venture, both establishments under the purview of Manny Gonzales, a full-time mortician with a flair for fostering community ties.

The market’s focus has evolved over the years. Initially offering a vast array of vendors, it’s now focusing more on food trucks, anticipating roughly 10 of these mobile culinary delights for September. The rich history of the event has seen collaborations with over 100 food trucks in the past five years, introducing an eclectic mix of flavors to Anthem’s residents.

However, it’s the vendors that form the market’s heartbeat. Regular presences such as the Tumbleweed Coffee Co., known for its unique 1950s truck and trailer setup, and Berry Delicious, purveyor of fresh juices, have become integral parts of the Market in the Park experience.

From its humble beginnings as a weekly gathering in front of The Spa on 41st, aimed at supporting local businesses during the pandemic, the market’s trajectory has been one of growth and transformation. By January 2023, with the Spa expanding its footprint, a new home was needed. The transition to Anthem Community Park, facilitated by nearly a year of discussions with the Anthem Community Council (ACC), has given the market a fresh lease of life.

Starting with an initial roster of 30 to 40 vendors, the event has burgeoned to feature over 60, supplemented by an increasing number of food trucks and coffee vendors.

The perfect blend of seasonal weather and a community keen on outdoor engagements has further boosted the market’s appeal. As it continues to be a hub of activity, especially with the onset of cooler days, there is anticipation in the air.

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