Not many people can claim a hard day’s work includes watching The Mandalorian on Disney+, but part-time Scottsdale resident and artist Monte Moore is far from ordinary.

A professional illustrator and artist for nearly 30 years, Moore is the exclusive artist for The Mandalorian Collection for Thomas Kinkade Studios. He watches each episode multiple times. He views it to enjoy the show the first time and take notes, a second time to watch for the most iconic scenes or images from the episode, and again while he’s painting.

Moore creates a 22-inch by 31-inch size painting for each episode of The Mandalorian. He’s currently painting his way through Season 2.

Valley residents can see Moore’s work in person and purchase prints of his Mandalorian paintings at the Arizona Fine Art EXPO Friday, January 14 through Sunday, March 27 under the “festive white tents” at 26540 N. Scottsdale Road, on the southwest corner of Scottsdale and Jomax Roads, next to MacDonald’s Ranch.

The Arizona Fine Art EXPO, which runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, features 124 patron-friendly artist studios in a 44,000 square-foot space. The event gives guests the rare chance to meet artists like Moore, see them in action, and learn about their journey, inspiration, and techniques.

Monte Moore
Born in Phoenix, Moore grew up on a 30,000-acre cattle ranch in Idaho. He spent summers working with his dad on the ranch and acquired his love of art from his mom, who is a fine artist herself.

His interests and artwork are wide ranging, from the highly realistic westerns he’s best known for by Arizona Fine Art EXPO patrons to pop culture paintings, graphic novels, custom automotive work, and sculpture.

“Monte is one of the most wide-ranging and prolific artists at the Arizona Fine Art EXPO,” says Judi Combs, co-founder of the Arizona Fine Art EXPO. “He is a favorite of our patrons. You can’t help but fall in love with his stunning, lifelike work.”

“A lot of artists paint a specific subject in a specific style,” says Moore. “But I would get bored. I’ve done everything from scratchboard to digital. I’m not satisfied with one look, style or subject.”

Arizona Fine Art EXPO
Throughout the 10-week event, patrons can enjoy watching artists sketch in pencil, charcoal and pastels; sculpt and fire clay; chisel, carve and shape stone; scratch and etch on porcelain and clay board; and saw and carve wood sculptures. Artists will also paint in all media; stain and etch gourds; design lost wax casting; design and create jewelry; and assemble mosaics.

Season passes to the event cost $12; season passes for seniors and military are $10; and children under 12 are free. Parking is free. For more details about the event or participating artists, call 480-837-7163 or visit