Q. How do I know when I should repair or replace a garage door?

A. You should service your garage door every six months to a year, this will help to maintain the function of older doors and to uncover current or future problems. Garage doors typically need to be replaced once the panels start to crack and break, but routine maintenance can extend the life of an older door.

Q. What typically goes wrong with a garage door? And what about remotes — why do they break down?

A. Typically broken springs, cables or panels will be what you notice with your garage. There are numerous parts that contribute to garage door issues. Parts like bearings, rollers, and other parts are not noticeable without special inspection. These parts create friction with in your system and in return cause fatigue to your door and systems. Remotes need the batteries replaced but the most common complaint about remotes are range deficiencies. This could be caused by low batteries or most commonly issues with the actual opener.

Q. I’ve heard that there are new styles of garage doors that improve the curb appeal of your home. Do you find that to be true?

A. This is most definitely true; the garage door is 30 percent of your curb appeal and as we all know curb appeal is what helps sell a home! We offer a variety of styles and designs that will help boost a homeowner’s curb appeal as well as styles that will help homeowners cut down on utilities. There are so many new styles and designs that include full view glass doors, decorative metal overlay, wood overlay, and ultra grain metal doors.

Q. Phoenix is definitely a city of homes with garages. What advice and recommendations do you give to homeowners about upkeep?

A. As stated above it is recommended that you service your garage door every six months to a year to prevent unwanted damage and future expenses to your door.