Now that school has officially started don’t let your jam-packed schedules ruin your regular fitness routine or be the excuse for not getting back into your workout grind. Having a plan of action can help busy parents make the most of out of their daily sweat. Orangetheory Fitness trainer Jennifer Ulloa-Grubb has a back-to-school fitness guide that is perfect for getting busy parents back into the swing of their workout routine.

Find Something you Enjoy

Start off on the right foot by choosing an exercise routine that suits you and you know you will stick to. If you prefer to workout solo, running, hiking, swimming, and biking outdoors are all great options. If social support motivates you, take group classes such as yoga, spin, HIIT, etc. or workout with a friend. Lastly, if you don’t have time to make it out of your living room, do bodyweight exercises or use items around the house like water bottles or books as weights. The best exercises are the ones you look forward to, the more you stick to your workout routine, the better you’ll feel and the more eager you will be to continue your exercise regimen.

Mix Up your Workout Routines

Variety is not only the spice of life but progress is as well. Exercise can become boring, monotonous and ineffective when completing the same workout over and over again. Mix up your usual routine by trying a group fitness class that you wouldn’t normally take or try an outdoor activity such as biking or hiking. There is an abundance of different workouts, periodically change up your routine to keep you motivated and maintain results.

Incorporate Fast and Effective HIIT Workouts

There are many ways to stay healthy and in shape without having to spend hours on end at the gym. In fact, interval and circuit training provide the benefits of a full-body workout that burn more fat and calories for up to 48 hours after completion. Ulloa-Grubb recommends a ten-minute circuit that consists of five sets of five exercises with ten reps each: push-ups, squats, bicycle abs, mountain climbers, burpees and traditional sit-ups. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great option for busy parents looking to stay fit while juggling their children’s back-to-school schedule.

With school back in session, breaking a sweat doesn’t have to be impossible. Exercise is fantastic for enhancing energy and keeping up with your kids, so let this school year be the year that you make fitness and your well-being a priority.

Jennifer Ulloa-Grubb boasts more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Currently, she is the head trainer at Orangetheory Fitness Arrowhead. Jennifer is certified as a NASM/AFAA personal trainer and an AFAA & ACE group fitness instructor, as well as an NPC figure competitor.