“The art of creating is the universal language that flows up and over the barriers that divide us, whether it be ethnicity, religion or age, making us all one body, if only for a moment.” – Ruth Ann Sturgill

Ruth Ann Sturgill shared her palette and love for art and creation with students attending Ridgeline Academy’s Summer School Wednesday, June 29th.   Students learned about painting, designs, working water color paper and painting techniques while developing a masterpiece of their own.


Ruth Ann Sturgill tells us that what started as a simple, pleasurable past-time has now become an amazing, all consuming passion.  None of it was intentional – it all developed and evolved over time.

Ms. Sturgill enjoys painting in various mediums while her current favorite has become oils.  One could typically find her painting a landscape on location due to her love for the outdoors or in her studio working on a portrait or a still life that she has set up to paint from life itself.  She is well-versed in art and the different mediums, her latest projects now include murals.


Painting murals was a new venture for Ms. Sturgill.  “It required extensive research into which paints would be best suited to this endeavor. Numerous artists simply use exterior paints with very good results but once I discovered there were archival and UV resistant paints designed specifically for murals, I knew I had to use them,” Sturgill said.

Ruth Ann further shares that she likes and really cares about people and feels that that is why she is drawn to portraiture.  “It is more than getting a likeness.  A dialogue between artist and subject begins when I get the eyes complete, so that is where I start,” Sturgill added.


Sturgill totes that same dialogue with her into nature.  “I get so caught up in trying to capture the raw beauty of nature that time stands still; hours pass, I forget to eat, drink and sometimes hold my breath too long when working on a difficult passage,” Ms. Sturgill remarked. 

Sturgill have traveled across the U.S. and Canada teaching painting workshops.  She has studied under notable artists such as Robert Bateman, Guy Combes, Daniel Greene and at the Scottsdale Artist School as well as the Liliedahl School of Fine Art in Houston.

Ms. Sturgill’s paintings and creations can be found in many private, as well as corporate collections. Several of her original designed and hand painted ornaments are a part of the permanent collection of The White House, and the Governor of Ohio’s residence.

To further grasp her visions, contact the Studio of Fine Arts at 419-516-3996 or  e-mail Ruth Ann Sturgill directly at [email protected]


Ms. Lane’s class has a brush in with the art of creation.

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