By Just Your Average Joe

Breakfast you say? Easily my favorite meal of the day and today I was able to try a place that will become a weekend meetup with friends. Breakfast Kitchen Bar is located at 15147 N Scottsdale Rd., Ste. H133 in Scottsdale. Essentially you will find them in Scottsdale Quarter’s southern street on the NE corner. If you swing by on a weekend, just look for the line of hungry people.

Breakfast Kitchen Bar has plenty of indoor/outdoor seating with a modern/industrial vibe. The open floor plan is accentuated by a fold up front wall and a see-thru kitchen. The staff are all friendly and helpful without ever giving you the feeling like they are rushing you to eat and clear the table. The waitress I was lucky enough to have was extremely helpful in sharing her menu favorites and taking a few extra moments to dig into ingredients with me.

As the name suggests, this is a breakfast joint. Like most breakfast places they also serve lunch so depending on your craving, you have a fair number of choices. The menu includes your standard favorites such as pancakes, omelets, French toast, sandwiches and burgers. Those of you with a taste for adventure will find some fun twists on old favorites including Grilled Cheese Bacon French Toast, Waffle Fries Breakfast Nachos, Churro Pancakes, Shrimp Scampi Omelets and more. Looking to watch the waistline? Their healthy options take an entire page on the menu and include Broccoli and Cauliflower Breakfast Cakes, Avocado Toast, and Protein Pancakes. My choice were the Chilaquiles Rojos. This dish consists of two eggs (I chose over easy), corn tortilla chips, ranchero sauce, cilantro, avocado relish, cotija cheese and additional protein if you’d like. I do like, so I went with the organic chicken sausage. From order to delivery, I only had time to read one article of the paper and drink half a cup of coffee. The meal was plated beautifully and smelled delicious. When it came to taste, it was nothing short of spectacular. The flavors blended perfectly, and the homemade ranchero sauce was the exact mixture of flavor and heat I was looking for. An important piece of a dining experience for me is the meal portions. I hate it when they are small, and the price is high and I am also not impressed when there is a ton of food trying to make up for a subpar recipe. Breakfast Kitchen Bar was on the mark, I was full without being stuffed.

I am lucky enough to get out to many new places each month and with an unending supply of choices, it is always hard to say whether I will make a place a regular stop. This however will definitely be on my list of favorite breakfast and lunch hangouts.

Keep an eye out for their newest location opening soon in Desert Ridge Marketplace!

Breakfast Kitchen Bar
15147 N Scottsdale Rd., Ste. H133