As business owners, we all handle tons of business cards as we meet new people, network, hire suppliers and so on. Here is one major fault that often happens on business cards that can be very frustrating. The company puts their logo, company name, personal name and contact info, but the card doesn’t explain what they do in a few words or a short sentence. For example, what the heck does Allied Elite do? Are they a car rental company, a bank, a concierge company?

When we get home from a big networking event and sort through several dozen cards, we may not remember what that company does, especially after meeting so many people in one day. All we are left with is a mystery card and a name. How often do those cards end up in the dust bin?

It is so easy to add a simple description of your business. For example, my business is Wolfe Creative. I offer graphic design, creative writing and web design, and it says to on my business cards (well, all my marketing material for that matter).

That brings us to another item to consider. Just like fashion in clothing, the look of your marketing materials (and your brand) can go out of style, so you probably need to consider reviewing and redesigning your print material and online look (your brand) at least every five years if not sooner.

So here are some other things to remember when designing or re-designing your next business card:

• It shouldn’t be too cluttered, leave lots of white space.

• Be sure to include your name and contact information.

• Add your logo and your brief description.

• The front of the card can be glossy, but the back should not be glossy and have some white space for people to write on.

• A picture is worth a thousand words, and is another great way to tell people what you do!

Follow these simple rules and you can’t go wrong when presenting your card and your business to potential clients, vendors or strategic partners.

Article provided by Jen Wolfe, Owner Wolfe Creative, 602-441-5621,