Every year, 1.2 million U.S. students drop out of high school.

That’s about one in four high school students who will not graduate. Earning your high school diploma is extremely important. You can learn more in this article.

If you’re thinking of dropping out, don’t. If you’ve already dropped out, it’s not too late. There are several schools and programs designed to help you get back on track.

One of these schools dedicated to helping credit-deficient students get back on track is Primavera Online High School.

Primavera is Arizona’s largest high school. About 43 percent of its students come already behind on credits. And each year, thousands of former “at-risk” students go on to receive their high school diploma.

Learn more about recovering credits through Primavera Online High School below.


You Don’t Need a Credit Recovery Program to Graduate on Time

Primavera is not a credit recovery program, as aren’t most schools. A credit recovery program tends to consist of a students sitting on a computer, reading documents, taking quizzes and passing the course.

Primavera is an accredited high school, which means it’s not a credit recovery program; it’s a public charter high school. However, Primavera has a few unique programs and personalized support that can make students more capable of catching up and graduating than at another school.


How to Catch Up on Credits to Graduate

Full-Time Students

Primavera’s curriculum is separated into two courses every six weeks. By the end of the traditional semester, a student at Primavera will finish the same 6-7 courses a traditional student has; they just split it up differently.

After students successfully completes a six-week block with passing grades, they can request to enroll in an additional course each block, equating to three courses every six weeks. By the end of the school year, a student can finish up to six additional semester courses.

As a refresher, here’s how to catch up on credits with Primavera:

Concurrent Enrollment

You don’t have to leave your current school to catch up on credits. Primavera also offers part-time enrollment. This means you would enroll in one six-week class while attending your traditional high school. Since Primavera is 100 percent online, you can go to your current high school, come home and log in to start Primavera coursework.

Primavera credits are transferrable to all Arizona public schools by law. But before enrolling with Primavera, we recommend you check your school’s policies. You can learn more about transferring Primavera credits in this article.

Sometimes life circumstances can make it difficult to add on courses. If you are behind and unable to take on extra work, you can still earn your high school diploma. You can stay with Primavera until you are 21. However long it takes you to finish high school is not important, so long as you earn your accredited diploma.

Looking to recover just a class or two quickly? Summer school might be your best option.

Credit Recovery Through Primavera’s Online Summer School

For catching up on one to two semester courses quickly, we recommend enrolling in a summer school course.

Summer school courses are condensed into four weeks. Coursework is accelerated so students can finish a semester course in just a month. Students are allowed to take one class per block, and there are generally about two to three blocks each summer. That means you can finish up to three classes during your summer.

Summer 2017 sessions are May 30 and July 5.

Primavera Graduates

Over the years, Primavera has helped thousands of credit-deficient students graduate on time.

Here are a couple student stories:

I’ve had a rough high school career that put me in a bunch of different schools and left me behind in credits. Primavera has helped me change that and was a great way to catch up and learn plenty of things on the way!

The way I finished was just realizing, I HAVE to do this. Don’t just drop out and give up after working for a couple years on it. Just be motivated and understand that having a diploma helps out a great bit in the real world…Good luck to all of you and understand that it’s all worth it in the end!”
-Joey Hergatt, Graduate


My experience doing Primavera Online was great. I encountered credit problems at the beginning of my sophomore year, so my school recommended taking online courses.

At first I thought it was hard and that it needed a lot of focusing and dedication. Thanks to the help of all my teachers and student advisors, I was able to do so! I even became confident in asking for all the help I always needed, that’s how helpful and nice the teachers and advisors were with me.

Even though I came upon many conflicts and would fall behind on homework, the teachers always had a backup plan to help me move along and succeed. I enjoyed Primavera, it offered a lot of flexibility! I highly recommend Primavera!”
Marianna Montes, Graduate