Amici Catering demystifies planning a catered event that fits within every budget.

Caprese skewersYikes, your father is turning 70 (insert whatever life moment is approaching) and you’d rather schedule a root canal than take on the pressure of planning his celebration. Here’s a secret – hiring a caterer to help you with the details and execution can absolutely be within your budget. Consider three common event scenarios and these tips:

Gathering Good Company over Good Food:

Food is a focal point in life’s sweetest moments like a large family gathering, military welcome home, or a college farewell. It’s a misconception that fabulous entertaining equals fancy; really, guests love familiar menu choices, your attention to detail and sentimental touches. Nothing says love more than homemade and with warehouse stores, homemade has become unique. We would suggest an Amici delivery! With 98% of our products prepared in-house, your guests will feel the love – and yes, have your serving dishes ready and say you made it from scratch! When picking your menu, consider items that can easily be maintained in your oven like our baked spaghetti pie and garlic bread.

Delicious pumpkin quesadilla sliced and ready to serve with chopped parsley.

Delicious pumpkin quesadilla sliced and ready to serve with chopped parsley.

Events with a Bottle of Bubbly:

When planning a budget friendly wedding or anniversary party, think about cost effective foods. Here’s the truth, because they are laborious, appetizers are actually expensive. Your best bets are items like bruschetta and quesadillas – the most popular being our blue cheese crostini topped with honey blistered grapes or the fig and goat cheese quesadillas with cilantro chimichurri. For a cocktail party, add a filling item like pasta in a mini portion. When it comes to the entrée, consider split portions (two smaller entrees), a great way to add variation and a vegetarian option.

Tag, you’re it – the Corporate Holiday Party Planner:

card D-31Your to-do list at work includes ordering lunch for the visiting big wigs or perhaps plan the company holiday party, it’s important to remember that themed events and menus are your friend – considering the objective will help you identify the theme. Allergy restrictions are nice to know, but gluten free, vegan and vegetarian are the norm with every event. Over planning will ultimately determine your success– consider the flow, what food items will hold up, and who will manage the food, trash, and replenishments.

Lastly, our best piece of advice – don’t assume catering is out of your budget!


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