Professional liquidation experts can help business owners go out with a bang. Instead of in debt.

Businesses close their doors all the time and for a variety of reasons. Whether a retail store is planning to downsize, close, retire, or just needs to raise cash for their business, there are professional retail consulting and liquidation companies that provide the tools, techniques and solutions to maximize the highest dollar return and convert inventory and other business assets into cash.

How can professional liquidation experts possibly help? Bob Nelson with POWER Retailing — a company that specializes in high impact liquidation strategies and new breakthrough ideas — has plenty of insight into the situation.

For most people, closing a business is probably one the most important financial decisions they will ever make,” says Nelson. “They’ve invested time, effort, and money in it. Maybe now is the time to benefit from it. A plan that is tailored to fit the store image and get the highest possible dollar return requires dozens of specific details, a precise marketing system, and a highly strategic plan.”

For instance, these days, modern consumers are literally bombarded by sales and advertising message. But Nelson knows how to break through the clutter. “Today’s customers are a bit jaded. They see 20% off or 50% off sales signs all the time, but customers always respond to going-out-of-business sales and when they see ‘Everything must go!’ signs they’ll come racing in.”

Surprisingly, companies like Power Retailing really can make a difference by:

Providing timing and duration strategies: How to plan, advertise, and launch going out of business sales with far less effort and expense.

Providing high impact marketing tools and techniques: Custom signs and compelling advertising layouts to create urgency, excitement and fun

Providing specific guidelines and checklists to organize, merchandise and price merchandise

Providing proven techniques for dealing with staff, landlords, banks, creditors, and store vendors

Strategies on how to work smarter, build teamwork, control profit margins, and sell to the bare walls

The long and short of it is, if you plan on closing up shop, it is well worth the time to hire a professional liquidation team to help. They’ll help business owners go out on a high note and move on to the next stage of their lives.