Earlier this month Deer Valley Times, in partnership with Take Charge America, held an informational CPR and Heimlich maneuver class. In honor Javier Lopez, a second grader at Paseo Hills Elementary who passed away from choking in his school in August. We would like to extend a very warm “Thank you” to all of those who attended. Also, a very big “Thank you” to Kristen Bright, Director of Nursing at Grand Canyon University who took the time to teach this class. Here is what some of the members of the community had to say:

Thanks to our great instructor, the CPR class was informative and, considering the topic, entertaining. It was a lot more involved than I thought seeing it on TV, but I feel more confident that I could help someone who has stopped breathing or is choking should an emergency arise.”

Deb Sharp
-Owner of Ruby’s Reusables

I think the demonstrations were great. This was a great course to know the basics, which is plenty as CPR is pretty basic. 30x2x5 is all you need to know to keep someone alive! I love that. Instructor was great. I have never had a teacher before that added humor and was effective with it. She really made the class fun rather than a boring 1-hour lecture. I feel much more confidant performing CPR and doing the saving someone from choking!”

Arin Finger
-i9 Sports Owner