Opening next month, The Fur District is a first of its kind concept that allows pet groomers to enjoy the “suite life” that those in the human hair and beauty industry have been enjoying for years. The Fur District offers five spacious, private grooming salon suites that are available to lease on one-to-three-year lease terms. Additionally, they offer one suite for daily, weekly, or monthly rental for groomers who need the space on a more temporary basis.

Each suite comes fully equipped with everything a groomer needs to start and run their own successful grooming business. This includes a professional grooming bathtub, table, kennels, a blow dryer, and even towels. The facility has on-site laundry and a fully equipped breakroom where groomers can relax and enjoy a meal away from the pet hair. During the nicer weather, groomers can retreat to the fully enclosed, semi-private patio out back, complete with a picnic table and chairs.

The safety of the pets who visit is a high priority, which is why there are gates by both the front and back doors to prevent any pets from trying to escape bath time.

The Fur District is a woman-owned business created by groomers, for groomers. The owners, Tilly Bush and Rachel Aragona, are professional pet groomers with over 30 years of combined experience. As experts in their field, they carefully designed each suite with groomers’ needs in mind. They both share that they are proud to offer groomers the freedom and profitability of working for themselves, without the immense cost and commitment of owning and operating an entire grooming salon.

So, whether you are a groomer looking to start your own business in a cost effective and efficient way, or you live nearby and need to get your pet freshened up, The Fur District might be the place for you. The Fur District is located at 4613 E. Cactus Road on the southwest corner of Tatum Boulevard and Cactus Road. Visit to learn more.