By Joseph Callaway

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a double hit for The Salvation Army. This year, demand for services are up while kettle locations are down. The solution is for The Army to go online to Rescue Christmas.

The home ownership industry, with its bell ringing partnership “Real Estate Wednesdays,” is leading the way with online kettles to make up the difference.

Here is how it works: real estate agents, lenders, title companies, and affiliate service providers will be setting up online kettles to add to their bell ringing effort on the four Wednesdays in December. The advantage to the online effort is that donations can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The real estate professionals will then be going out with a link to their databases of clients, family and friends asking for donations to Rescue Christmas. When you receive an appeal from your favorite realtor, you can simply click and donate.

If you would like to donate now you may go to:

Your gift, no matter how small, will make such a difference. Being homeless anywhere in the world is a tragedy, but to be without a home in the richest nation in the world is heartbreaking.

Please be generous and come back often to see us progress toward our goal of Rescuing Christmas this holiday season.

Joseph Callaway is co-owner of Those Callaways Real Estate, Arizona’s leading independent brokerage located in the Magic 85254 zip code.