Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) now offers online courses for K-12 students that seek a robust online school option.

As of press time (mid-August), the school, called Aspire, had 542 full-time students and 364 part-time students. “Nine hundred and twenty eight is pretty good for the first year of a new school,” says Monica Allread, a district spokeswoman.

DVUSD had a robust online program for high school previously. Now, with Aspire, students have Advanced Placement offerings and the school is working to expand their offerings to dual enrollment options, CTE internships, e-sports, honor societies, and more in the near future.
“With this past school year’s parent interest in online schooling for their child, DVUSD determined there continues to be a need to provide an online option for parents,” Allread says. “DVUSD believes in providing this choice for parents who want an online education.”

What makes DVUSD different than other online options?
Students enrolled in Aspire in K-6 will engage in synchronous (real-time, teacher-led) instruction. This gives younger students the structure needed to be successful.

Middle grade students will have a hybrid of asynchronous (prepared resources) and synchronous instruction and 9-12 grade students will be an asynchronous campus with open lab access to teachers with both virtual and in-person office hours.

“Aspire teachers are highly qualified and properly certified educators, which sets us apart from some other online schools,” cites the district.

DVUSD students can still participate extracurricular activities at their home boundary school. Music, art and PE, and technology are offered at elementary. Electives/exploratory classes offered are at middle school.

For full-time K-12 Aspire students, there is no fee. Families electing to enroll in Aspire, Deer Valley’s K-12 Online Academy, need to complete the open enrollment process and follow the same procedures aligned to the brick and mortar campuses, detailed at