While left-handed people make up only about 10 percent of the population, there are some pretty interesting facts about them that we’re willing to bet you didn’t know. For one, August 13 is National Left Handers’ Day. Here are some other facts about the left-handed folk.
Fact #1: Left-Handed people might be smarter

A few studies have shown that left-handed people are more likely to have an IQ of 131 or higher. Coincidentally (or not), Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein were all lefties.

Fact #2: They’re also known as “Southpaws”

The term was coined from baseball, as left-handers would pitch “south” of the diamond in order to accommodate their left handed throws.

Fact #3: Left Handers Can Have the Advantage in Some Sports…And Typing

If you’ve seen the legendary “Rocky” movies, you’ll know that being left handed can have its perks in certain sports. Many boxers are left handed, or become left handed in order to deliver a punch their opponent isn’t used to. Tennis and baseball also have their perks for lefties.

Because a large majority of words on the keyboard are typed solely with the left hand (around 3,000 words with the left hand, but only about 400 with the right), left handers are likely to be faster typers since they’re using their dominant hand.

Fact #4: Living in a right-handed world can be tough

Think about it: your scissors are right-handed, your pens are slanted for the right hand, even the words on your favorite mug are printed to show when holding it with your right hand. Plus, writing on a paper or chalkboard is bound to smear for left handers. It’s a right-handed world we live in, and it can be tough for the lefties!

Fact #5: But there are left-handed tools!

Luckily, companies are catching on! These days, you can purchase scissors, pens and even measuring tape that reads right-to-left to help ease the burden for our left-handed folk.

Fact #6: Nearly half of cats are left-handed

People might be mostly right-hand dominant, but for cats, it’s pretty much 50/50. So if you’re a left hander, you can likely find a cat that understands how you feel, since he or she might just be a southpaw too!

Fact #7: Left Handers’ Day started 1976

The holiday started as a way to raise awareness for left handed people and give them a day to shine. Although it started in 1976, it didn’t become an official holiday in the USA until 1992.

Fact #8: Even if you are right-handed, you could have left-handed traits

While chances are you write and throw a ball with your right hand, you could still have left-handed traits. For example, which eye do you close to see better? Or maybe you use your left hand to cut foods when you’re also holding a fork? You can take this quiz to see how left-handed you are, or try and let Buzzfeed guess in this fun quiz!

If you’re left handed, you can revel in a holiday dedicated just for you. If you’re right-handed, why not try being left-handed for a day and see what you can accomplish?