DocumentTrunk, the first and only digital database that proactively communicates while safely storing consumer’s most precious life documents, announced its launch today and is now available to the public. DocumentTrunk’s unique web-based program is a long-term solution to secure and store consumer’s estate planning documents to reduce the common risks, fraudulent activity, and challenges associated with the last wishes of the deceased to help protect them and their family members’ assets.


An Arizona-based couple, Brian and Natasha Beal, launched DocumentTrunk to help protect a family’s future security in a time of mourning and grief and ensure that their last wishes are met safely and efficiently in today’s modern world. DocumentTrunk allows users to upload their estate planning documents quickly and easily with its user friendly and interactive program for e-filing, compared to traditional hard copies and safety deposit box storage. Traditional storage and filing of estate planning documents raises many potential risks for consumers- from misplaced documents to inaccurate updates- which is why the Beal’s developed DocumentTrunk as a solution.


My wife and I created DocumentTrunk from a personal need,” said Brian Beal. “We were faced with the same inadequate options that everyone is given once your will, trust, or other important documents are finished. Trusted people change, banks go under, safe combinations are lost, documents fade and disappear. That’s why we were inspired to create DocumentTrunk.”


DocumentTrunk is the only web-based program that is multi-faceted including document storage, verifiable system and authorized database access, proactive communication and user notifications, instant editing capabilities, and a patent pending life status notification system. DocumentTrunk’s patent pending web crawler program searches the internet on a daily basis looking for obituaries, news articles, and proof of life for each of its users. If the crawler identifies a potential death or disability, the DocumentTrunk staff is immediately notified and begins personally verifying proof of life before contacting the user’s family members. Once verified, DocumentTrunk’s database releases the user’s estate planning documents to authorized executors in the order the user requested.


DocumentTrunk’s system verifies ownership of each uploaded document to guarantee secure access, allowing document owners to select family members or authorized persons access to their estate planning paperwork in the worst-case scenario. User’s input loved ones and authorized executors contact information, which is accessible 24/7 and can be quickly updated without editing restrictions, to ensure that documents are secure throughout life’s changes. The verification system also proactivity communicates with its users for additional security protection and continual proof of life, as well as reminders that are vital to the upkeep of estate planning paperwork.


DocumentTrunk’s interactive user communication includes reminders for ensuring estate plans are up-to-date, legally sound, or due for a legal check-up. In the case of death or disability, DocumentTrunk’s proactive communication system automatically notifies the authorized executors of an individual’s estate plan, including the attorney who drafted the estate plan, life insurance agents, trustees, beneficiaries, and authorized family members, to efficiently distribute the necessary documents needed. Authorized recipients have no access to the information prior to the DocumentTrunk’s client passing on.


As an attorney who only handles disputes and litigation, I see situations where something has gone wrong,” said Kent Berk, managing partner at Berk Law Group, P.C. “It is not uncommon for people to lose or not be able to locate important documents, such as their last will and testament, trust, powers of attorney and other estate planning documents. DocumentTrunk provides an innovative solution by allowing parties to securely store their most important legal and other documents and ensure that copies are provided to those that need them.”


DocumentTrunk offers users multiple price and storage options, starting at $9.99 per month.


For more information about DocumentTrunk please visit, or call 888-843-2719.