Bullying is every child’s and parent’s worse nightmare. According to a study conducted by ABC News, more than 30,000 children skip school everyday for fear of being bullied. Bullying is defined as an unwanted and aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Sometimes, it includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors and/or attacking someone physically or verbally.

Teaching Krav Maga to kids and teens is significant because it is a form of high-level self-defense system that is suitable to any situation. Phoenix Krav Maga and Fitness teaches this art, but also makes it more useful by also focusing on non-physical means of defense such as verbal de-escelation. Also add in the fact that they center each lesson on a character building topic, and you have a perfect balance of physical, mental and emotional growth for the student.

Your child should discover easy and simple anti-bullying techniques to prevent and/or protect themselves from shirt grabbing, punching, choking, slapping and the like. It is a great help to build self-confidence.”says chief instructor Matt Numrich of locally based Phx Krav Fit.

Here is what one will learn from the Youth Anti Bullying and Character Building Self-Defense Class in Krav Maga:

– Learn anti-bullying techniques that focus on verbal de-escalation

– Build confidence through team building classes

– Get fit through realistic self-defense training, no experience necessary!

– Discover simple self-defense moves that work against adult attackers

– Develop flexibility, agility and speed that can help in other sports!

In line with this, “Phx Krav Fit” will be having a Youth Anti Bullying and Character Building Self-Defense Class for teens (ages 8-12) at the Anthem Community Center scheduled every Monday and Wednesday of April 10 – May 3; starting at 5:30-6:00pm for $47. A free session will be held the Monday and Wednesday of the third and fifth weeks of April

For more detailed information about the class or to register please call or text Matt Numrich at 623.300.6114 or email him at [email protected]