Q. How have gate operators changed over the years?
A. Gate operators have come a long way in the last decade. Most recently there have been updated safety standards, by way of UL325, that have paved the way to making gate automation an industry that takes consumer safety seriously.

The topic on most homeowners’ minds tends to be security when it comes to gate automation. The main function of an automated driveway gate is to secure a property. With new technology available it’s possible to have an automated system that physically locks a gate when it’s in the closed position, preventing forced entry onto a property.

As better and better technology becomes available to the gate automation industry, we find our customers requesting to have their existing systems updated. Advancements in wireless communication integrated into newer gate operators provides internet connectivity and smartphone compatibility. This allows a homeowner to monitor and control their entry gate from anywhere in the world.

Q. Why should I update my current gate?
A. On some properties, an entry gate is the first thing that any visitor will see. This becomes especially important in relation to the curb appeal of a home. By updating older gate designs with newer, more modern aesthetics it gives you a chance to bring a fresh look to your home and while also increasing your home’s resale value.

Security comes back up when you think about your homeowners insurance. Often times an insurance company can provide rebates or discounts for having a properly installed and safe perimeter gate system. This is because they are always very aware how much a gate can act as a deterrent and decreases the likelihood of break ins and burglaries.

Q.What does regular maintenance include, and why do I need it?
A. Regular maintenance is as important to your gate as it is to your car. There are a lot of moving mechanical parts involved in your gate and operator system that can wear out prematurely if they are not maintenance properly. During every service we perform, we conduct a complete inspection of all parts on your system to diagnose the current condition and know what problems may arise in the future. This allows us to take a proactive approach to maintenance and get ahead of any part failures to ensure continuous and reliable performance.

The safety features of your gate are also a critical component in regards to the operation of your gate. We can prevent injuries and accidents by properly testing the equipped safety systems and making adjustments if necessary. The best time to find out if your safety features are not working is when service is being performed. Avoid being in a dangerous situation and get your gate serviced regularly!