On Saturday, October 12 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., members of the public are invited to come see Phoenix’s newest fire station in Norterra. Residents can tour the 12,000 square foot station, located at 26700 N. 27th Avenue, meet first responders, get fire and life safety information, and enjoy food and activities for the kids.

As the city of Phoenix grew, so did the need for timely emergency and fire service in this community. Thanks to a commitment by community leaders, city officials, the Phoenix Fire Department and the architects on the project, Station 55 was built in record time. This state-of-the-art station was designed and constructed in just 18 months and was completed under budget at $4.5 million. It incorporates highly energy efficient design concepts, an SIPS panel roof system, and ICF wall construction. Some of its features include folding front doors that open within seven seconds, and overhead doors which open in 21 seconds. The current design also allows for an additional wing to be built out in the future, if needed.

This permanent location will allow for emergency response within three to five minutes, as opposed to the previous response time of 12 minutes (approximately three times longer than the city’s overall average).