SL Senior Living Fintess 4.jpgDeer Valley, AZ – Physicians have long said that physical activity is the single
best medicine for healthy aging. But according to the Center for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC), only 38.5 percent of older men aged 65 to 74
years old exercise regularly, and only 31.1 percent of older women exercise

In honor of National Physical Fitness Month and National Senior Health and
Fitness Day on May 28, CareMore Health Plan in Phoenix offers advice and
encouragement for older adults looking to improve their health through
exercise, including simple but effective exercises you can do at home if you
can’t make it to the gym.

According to experts, engaging in any physical activity, such as walking,
yoga, dance classes or water aerobics is good for your health. A little
exercise is better than no exercise at all. In the case of older adults,
starting or increasing their level of fitness even if they’ve not exercised
for many years can decrease the risk of serious illness.

CareMore addresses this need for physical activity with their fitness
partners. One fitness partner, Nifty After Fifty, specializes in fitness
centers that provide custom designed programs for seniors. These programs
improve rigor, vitality, balance, mental skills and even decrease depression
and fall risk.

“Customized fitness plans are designed according to any special needs an
individual might have, such as those with COPD, heart disease or even
cancer,” explains Dr. Sheldon Zinberg, founder of CareMore and Nifty After
Fifty. “Rather than using standard weight machines, we provide seniors with
specially designed air-pressure strength training equipment that reduce the
chances of joint injury.”

Dr. Zinberg says that while you can dramatically improve your health at one
of these senior-focused fitness centers, you can also do easy exercises at
. Sit-stand: Choose a sturdy chair with arm rests and sit about half way on
the seat. Practice placing your hands on your lap and slowly standing up.
Try the exercise 8-10 and repeat 3 times. If that modification is simple,
try the same exercise but place your hands across your chest and try
standing slowly.

. Wall Push-Up: Stand about arms distance from a sturdy wall with your feet
hip-distance apart. Extend your arms to reach the wall and slowly begin to
complete a push up against the wall. Stop about an inch prior to your nose
hitting the way and then push yourself back up. Repeat the exercise 8-10
times with 3 repetitions.

. Lifting Weights: For this article, use two water bottles, cans or light
weights. Sit on a sturdy chair with your arms to your side and one weight,
bottle or can in each hand. Slowly raise both arms to the side, going up to
should heights. Slowly bring your arms back down. Complete the exercise 8-10
times with 3 repetitions.

It’s never too late to begin exercising more. For more information about
senior fitness, visit