By Al and Jean Batson

December, the month when we wrap up the current year and anticipate the new one coming. Most of us are involved with shopping and decorating for the holidays to come this month. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

But what is going on with home buying and selling? Showings of current listings decrease as people get busier with holiday preparation and activities. However, those out looking at homes during this time of year are usually people who really need to buy something soon so they’re very serious buyers.

Question: If I see a for sale sign on a home I’m interested in, do I call the agent listed on the sign or can I call my Realtor?

Answer: Today people see all kinds of homes listed online, while driving neighborhoods or visiting open houses. You’ll have many questions as to how the pricing is for the neighborhood or how to proceed with an offer. If you don’t know a Realtor, talk to the agent who has listed the home. Or ask your friends for a referral to their trusted Realtor. If you have a Realtor you feel comfortable with, ask them about the homes you’ve seen. As licensed Realtors, we can show any home that is listed – not just ones listed by a specific broker company. In fact, most homes are not sold by the agent or broker company marketing the property. So, always call your Realtor of choice with any questions about a property you’ve seen or are interested in. Your loyalty will be so appreciated. Most of us work with referrals from clients or friends. It’s the greatest compliment Realtors can receive – being referred by someone we’ve worked and/or friends.

If you have any questions, please email Jean at: [email protected]