Happy New Year! It is that time of year when its time to set a course for how you intend to enjoy 2018. Many of you are considering which streaming service to use, what charities you want to support and whether renewing your gym membership is really a good investment. One thing you may not have on the top of your list is how you intend to deal with the variety of pest issues you face throughout the year. I know it’s not as exciting as choosing a wine-of-the-month club, but let’s face it- a good pinot won’t get your heart pumping like finding a scorpion in your bathroom. To kick-off our new monthly series of articles in this publication, we at Eco-Logic Management Inc. decided that this would be a good time to help you choose a pest service.

If you search for “pest control services in Phoenix Arizona” you will generate 812,000 results. What you find at the top of the list are paid ads by several of the available vendors. It can be daunting to search through them to find which one is right for you but there are a few criteria that you can use to locate what works for you.

Type of Pest. You usually don’t think about a pest company until you notice a problem. It could be ants in the kitchen, scorpions around the house, bed bugs in your bed, pigeons messing all over your house or those pesky rats who are digging up your lawn or chewing your expensive A/C wiring. Clients don’t call us because they have finished their honey-do lists and think, “I wonder how my life would be better if I contract with a pest service.” You are calling us because you have a problem and each problem is unique, just as each pest company is unique in solving your problem.

Eco-friendliness. Many of you are trying to be responsible citizens and adopt lifestyles that leave our world a better place for our kids. There are three primary types of pest services available to you depending on your issue, the results you want and who can best deliver them. The first is considered Traditional. Traditional pest control companies often use proven but harsh chemicals to get rid of bugs, and these have a bigger impact on the environment. The bug business is an old profession and many technicians have learned what works and continue to use these chemicals in their treatments. The next type is a Green company. Green pest control companies use methods or materials to get rid of pests that are friendlier to the environment, such as chemicals with lower toxicity or natural products. The third type of company is Multi-faceted. Many pest control companies today use a combination of strong toxins when infestations are particularly large and hard to treat, or when they have not responded to less harsh treatments, and eco-friendly, more gentle treatments when infestations are not particularly difficult or when pest problems are mild. We suggest researching a combination of these types to find out their programs and effectiveness to see what will deliver satisfactory results.

Frequency. Another consideration is the frequency of service. Once again, this is often dictated by the pest problem you are having and, let’s face it, you don’t want us there any more than you need to fix the problem. This does beckon a discussion on preventative versus reactive program and you should ask each pest service candidate what they believe is the right cadence for you. Most companies offer monthly, every-other-month, quarterly and as-needed services. The most important take-away for you is to find the one that works for you and rids you of your problem. As much as we hate to pay for anything we don’t really need, it does pay to choose the right frequency that will keep you home pest free.

Experience. As a good consumer, you often find that experience counts a lot. While shopping for pest companies (like you do for a mechanic or dentist) it is best to find one who has been in business a while. It is just simple logic that the more a technician practices his practice, the more proficient he becomes.

Reviews. Right in line with looking at experience is considering results. Today, with all the social media connections we have, you can cut right to the chase by looking at Yelp, Groupon, Facebook or Nextdoor reviews. These tell real client stories about their experience and can help you avoid risks and find consistently delivered results. They also help you find local companies which can improve your odds of finding a company that is nearby and can be responsive to your needs as well as one that provides excellent customer service.

I hope these tips offer you a roadmap in finding a good pest control company. As monthly contributors to this publication, we aim to share our advice, experiences and we are sure you will find each month’s discussion one you can benefit from.

If you have questions, comments or wish to share a pest related story, contact Eco-Logic Management Inc. at [email protected] or feel free to call us at (480) 513-1989. Ask for Michael or Paul.