By Joe Coleman

As Realtors®, we always get asked “How’s the market?” and most agents like to give the simple answer, which is “It’s great!” The better answer is always far more complicated. City to city, and even neighborhood to neighborhood, markets differ. Sun City has a different market than Paradise Valley, just as Chandler has a different market than Cave Creek. Even further, zip codes within cities have differing markets and neighborhoods within those zip codes have differing markets, too. Raskin Estates has a different market than Kierland or Sunburst Farms. The “Magic 85254” zip code is a very diverse zip code, which is part of why it is so wonderful.

The great thing about most 85254 neighborhoods is the diversity of homes in them. For example, in Sunburst Farms, the lots may be similar sizes, but that is where the similarities end. Some homes are tri-levels, some are original and some have been demolished and rebuilt. Some have five bedrooms and some have three. Some have pools while others don’t, and some are two levels while others are not. So, even in the same neighborhood, homes can, and do, have different markets. In fact, we often find that homes next door or across the street from each other have different markets as well. There is so much that makes your home yours, and knowing what the market is for the features and location of your home is what is important. So, the real question is “How’s your market?”

Knowing the market for each home within a neighborhood or zip code is very important when trying to understand how your market is. With all that 85254 can and does offer, this can be a difficult thing to do. We have all had a neighbor sell their home fast and have had neighbors whose homes seem to linger on the market. Is it price, condition, décor, timing or something else? The answer is never simple and requires experience, knowledge and an understanding of what makes each 85254 home magic.

All this is best left to a real estate professional, which brings us back to why, as Realtors®, we are being asked “How’s the market?” So, the next time you think to ask, remember to ask “How’s my market?” instead because that’s what you really want to know.

Joe Coleman is the Designated Broker for Those Callaways, an independent brokerage operating in 85254 for 25 years. For additional information, visit or call 480-596-5751.