By Jen Wolfe
Well, it’s a new year again. Lots of us have made resolutions — resolutions to help
us get healthy, lose weight, become more organized, achieve success, be happier,
meet financial goals … the list is endless. Sadly, most of us set goals and make
resolutions with no clear idea of how we are going to achieve them.
That’s why the Deer Valley Times explored several organizations that are all about
helping us achieve many of the goals on our lists!
The folks at the John C. Lincoln health network have shared a plethora of tips onMindBodySpirit
how to get healthier and feel your best without spending a dime! Before you start
anything, they suggest first checking with your primary care physician to see what
areas of your health need work.
If you’re under 65, check with your insurance company to see what health
screenings are covered for you and your family and get them scheduled. If you’re
65 or older, Medicare Part B (medical insurance) covers a wide variety of health
screenings, including alcohol and tobacco abuse, breast cancer, bone density,
cardiovascular disease, diabetes, glaucoma, obesity, prostate cancer and sexually
transmitted infections. Part B also covers annual flu shots, hepatitis B and
pneumonia vaccinations. for
However, going to the doctor can be expensive, so for those who don’t have health
insurance or want to save some bucks, there are plenty of health care organizations
throughout the Valley that offer free educational and screening programs. For
example, as part of American Heart Month in February, John C. Lincoln Heart
Institute cardiologists will be featured at two free seminars ( for
more info):
How Heart Disease Differs Between Men and Women. Tuesday, Feb. 11, 6
to 7 p.m.
Join Allen Rafael, MD, to learn how to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease. In
addition, a cardiac rehabilitation specialist will demonstrate exercises. Location:
Medical Office Building 1, 19841 N. 27th Ave., Room 400, Phoenix, on the campus of
John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital. Register at or
call 623-434-6265.
Causes of and Treatment Options for Atrial Fibrillation (A-fib). Wednesday,
Feb. 26, 6 to 7 p.m.
A-fib is the most common type of cardiac arrhythmia, a heart rhythm disorder. Join
Mark Seifert, MD, FACC, a cardiologist and electrophysiologist, to learn about A-fib
symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. He also will discuss new procedures and
technology that minimize radiation exposure during device implantations (such as
pacemakers) at North Mountain Hospital. Location: Cowden Center, 9202 N. Second
St., Phoenix, on the campus of John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital. Register at or call 623-434-6265.
With the din of our environmental exposure pounding on our ears, many of us are
suffering the hearing loss consequences. John C. Lincoln can help you check your
ears, for free.
Hearing Screenings. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 21, 22and 23
and Feb. 18, 19 and 20, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.John C. Lincoln audiologist Kristin Wells, AuD, will conduct free hearing tests for adults at the Tatum Health Center,18404 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite 101, Phoenix. Call for a required appointment at 602-494-6237. Special offers on hearing aids also will be available.

The Valley air, once renowned for its curative cleanliness, is no longer our friend. If you or a loved one suffers from respiratory disease, John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital invites you to participate in the Better Breathers Support Group.

Better Breathers. Thursday, Jan. 23, Feb. 27 and March 27, from 1:30 to 3 p.m.
Experts from John C. Lincoln’s Respiratory Care Department at the North Mountain
Hospital, 250 E. Dunlap, Phoenix, provide education and coping strategies and
participants share personal experiences. Call 602-870-6060, ext. 5793 for hospital
meeting room locations.
The John C. Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center, 19646 N. 27th Ave., Suite
205, Phoenix, hosts several free programs and support groups to meet the needs of
those affected by breast cancer. For more information about any of the groups, call
623-780-HOPE (4673), email [email protected] or visit
Watch the JCL website throughout the year for additional screenings as they offer
some type of screen or seminar every month.
Morgan Grey, psychotherapist and consultant, with The Power Company
(, is all about helping people improve their minds.
Grey says, “People come to me in angst. Things aren’t going right and they are
seeing a pattern. They’ve had some kind of trauma in the past or present that is
interfering with their happiness. So I help them work things through.”
“My approach is to help people become more mindful and aware. You see, our first
set of responses is learned in the womb and in our first few months – for good or
bad. For example, these early responses and conditioning are often why people
keep recreating relationships like their parents had, whether that relationship was
good or bad. My job is to help people challenge those early learning patterns and
earn they can create the life they want,” says Grey.
According to Grey, meditation is a great tool for becoming more aware. It is also a
great tool to become more intentional. “In early childhood, we spend a lot of time in
sleep, when our brain drops into a theta wave pattern. That’s the same state that
meditation puts you in,” says Grey. “In a theta state, we can implement guided
imagery that lets us pick a different response and make new choices.”
Grey says, “We have to understand the pattern before we can change it. First we
must understand our beliefs, because beliefs set up thoughts, thoughts set up
emotions and emotion sets up behaviors. So many people tell me they don’t know
why they behave the way they do.”
Grey’s work on the mind often spills over to working on their body and spirit as well.
She offers many modalities of treatment to help people become more aware of their
bodies and emotions. In addition, she provides a library of guided mediation CDs
that can help with stress reduction, relaxation, balancing energy and more. For
more information, visit the website at or call Morgan
Grey at 480-612-0031.
Intuitive Development has a unique approach to helping people achieve their goals
through spiritual enlightenment. The organization trains and empowers people to
live in their highest state of consciousness. Using an almost scientific approach,
individuals and professionals will learn how to leverage one of the most powerful
tools at their disposal – their intuition.
Founder Lynn M. Bunch says, “Intuition is our connection to our spirit… a messaging
system between us and spirit. It’s how that source communicates with us. I also call
it gut instinct or the inner voice.”
So how is it possible to train what should be instinctual? Bunch says, “We aren’t
really developing intuition, we just help you remember how to use it. In today’s
society, we have so much mind chatter going on and are so busy rushing from place
to place, that we don’t stop and listen within. At Intuitive Development, we train you
how to stop and listen to that inner voice … how to stop and ask your inner self
what is the right path. In short, we teach you how to dismiss the voices in your head
and listen to the inner guidance of your heart.”
Intuitive Development offers nine tried and true programs to help with all kinds of
challenges …. dealing with relationships, finding your life purpose, becoming a
better professional, boosting your confidence, dealing with grief, reconnecting with
people, and more.
If you’d like to explore what Intuitive Development has to offer, you can join them
for their FREE Intuitive Tuesday meeting, Jan 7, 5:30 – 8:30 at 1838 W. Parkside
Lane, Suite 105, Phoenix, Arizona 85027.
Intuitive Development’s new class curriculum will be released on January 11 and
preregistration for first quarter classes will begin the same day.
For more information, visit the website at or call