By Kelli Mealy, Realtor, West USA Realty

The awesome responsibility that Realtors carry is truly overwhelming. We live on the energy and the responsibility that comes from helping people be happy.

We listen to dreams, thoughts, visions, concerns, finances, bad experiences and good experiences of each one of our clients. We see the full spectrum and work hard to make things seamless and joyous for our clients.

We sit in the middle of a network of professionals…Lenders, Title Companies, Home Warranty Companies, Inspectors, Contractors and Clients.

We’re honored that we consistently interact with new and former clients alike who share personal aspirations, hopes, successes and failures.

We’re in this business because it’s an honor to be trusted by our clients. To be a resource as people hope for and then realize their dreams is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We support sellers who need advice on how to best present their home even when, occasionally, that advice isn’t what the client wants to hear. This makes us a compassionate group. We understand the stress sellers experience. We’re marketing masters who can develop and implement strategies to price correctly and fairly.

We support buyers by listening to their wants and desires. We look for the top three “must haves” as we help get qualified with a reputable mortgage professional and then only show homes within the budget. When showing homes, we offer clean vehicles stocked everything from snacks and cold drinks to small games or coloring books to keep young children entertained Cindy Mathers, a current homeowner states we “listen to the client and do your best to meet their needs.”

The awesome opportunity to be able to get to know someone so intimately and assist with one of the most important decisions most families make is exciting. Sharing that excitement – the trials, the challenges, the successes – makes handing over the keys as our clients start the next chapter in their lives is fantastic.

All of this revolves around the heart of a Realtor listening to the heart of a Client.

A good real estate agent doesn’t disappear once the closing papers are signed”