One year ago, Isabella was attending public school and receiving tutoring after school at Brightmont Academy. Isabella suffers from dyslexia and was falling further and further behind in her reading skills. The solution to attend the private school, Brightmont Academy, for one-to-one tutoring, advanced her reading comprehension and gave her confidence in reading that she never had before.

After a year of tutoring through sixth grade, Isabella decided that she’d like to attend Brightmont Academy full time to further her education in a way that she hadn’t been able to in the past. She is now in eighth grade full time at the private school and reading well above her grade level!

Brightmont Academy specializes in providing one-to-one instruction for students and has three campuses throughout the region in Deer Valley, Scottsdale and Chandler.

Isabella has always been a very sweet outgoing student and now, with her full-time attendance, we have been able to watch her blossom academically,” said Deer Valley Campus Director Judith Zenna-Valgento.

Isabella’s parents are advocates for the one-to-one solution and are very pleased with her achievements. They have also watched their daughter succeed in higher levels of math and social studies, some of her favorite subjects.

I’ve watched Isabella’s test scores rise along with improved verbalization skills,” said Isabella’s mother, Sonia, “and it’s not only because of the one-to-one approach at Brightmont Academy, but also the caring teachers who clearly enjoy what they do.”

Isabella’s inquisitive nature and outgoing personality has led not only to her academic success but to the ongoing success of her egg farming venture that she started a year ago. She continues to harvest eggs from her 18 chickens and distribute them to friends, family and local residents.

Isabella is currently an eighth grade student at Brightmont’s Deer Valley Campus.