By Erik Bryan, Precision Air & Heating

Here in Arizona, we tend to stress out about our energy bill a little more in the summer when the air conditioner is running frequently. It’s easy to let your guard down in the winter, though. The truth is you can still save money on your energy costs in the winter if you’re smart about it. Here are a few helpful pointers to help you in stay warm while spending less money in the process.

Use Your Curtains

Keep your curtains or blinds open when the sun is out to let in some of that natural heat. When the sun sets, close those curtains or blinds to slow the dissipation of heat.

Have Your Insulation Checked Out

How does your attic insulation look? Having the right amount, and the right grade of insulation will work wonders for keeping the heat inside your home during the winter months. Today’s insulation is more effective than ever, so if your house is older it might be a good idea to upgrade. Quality insulation will also help you out in the summer months by keeping more cool air inside.

Keep Your Feet Warm

Walking around on bare floors in your bare feet will make your feet feel cold, which will make you feel cold. The result: you start adjusting the thermostat to crank up the heat. Most of us in Arizona have a fair amount of tile flooring in our homes, so it’s not a bad idea to wear some warm socks or slippers around the house. Adding area rugs or carpet in areas where you walk more frequently is also a great way to help you feel snug and reduce the temptation to reach for the thermostat.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, now’s the time to get one. This will allow you to set your home to the ideal temperature when you are at home, while allowing it to drop when you are sleeping or away from home. No more having to remember to adjust the thermostat yourself!

Keep Your HVAC Unit Well Maintained

Of course proper maintenance is one of the most effective ways to keep you costs down. Make sure your hearing and air conditioning system  (HVAC)  is running as efficiently as possible. If you have a gas furnace for heating, checking for a possible Carbon Monoxide leak is imperative. Schedule a routine maintenance, inspection and tune-up of your air conditioning systems while the weather is temperate, then enjoy the winter without worries.

Erik Bryan is the CEO of Precision Air & Heating, a family-owned air conditioning, heating and home performance company providing quality home services across the Phoenix valley. Find Precision Air & Heating online at