DVUSD Kindergarten Students Receive Art, Music, and PE Every Day

Kindergarten has truly changed over the years, evolving into a program that focuses on strong academic, social, and emotional skills that young learners will need to succeed in school and in the future. Parents have come to expect and love the Deer Valley kindergarten program that focuses on nurturing the youngest learners.

“I absolutely love the healthy, nurturing, and fun learning environment in the kindergarten program. By the end of the year, my daughter not only knew how to read well, but she now enjoys reading. She is excelling in Math. It was so amazing to watch my daughter’s progress and know that she was excited about school and learning,” said parent Amy Kearney.

One of the ways that Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) balances learning is by providing specials, including art, music, and PE classes every day for kindergarten students at all of the DVUSD K-6 and K-8 schools to enhance overall learning, growth, creativity, and physical development.

“My child participated in specials each day, and these classes are beneficial and important for all students. These classes can be emotionally therapeutic for students and allow them to recharge to get through their academic day. They promote creativity and allow our children to use their imagination to create while building skills. They open the door for lifelong appreciation of the arts and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise,” said another kindergarten parent, DiEsta Kiesling.

Several studies have shown that these types of classes increase achievement in literacy and mathematics, including a 2006 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum study on art education, which showed a link between arts education and improved literacy skills.

Join us for Kindergarten Preview Night at ALL DVUSD K-6 and K-8 Schools on Thursday, February 1, 2018. For more information about the preview event and the kindergarten program including registration forms, visit www.dvusd.org/kindergarten.