According to studies conducted by the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages, high school students who study a foreign language see an increase in grades, perform higher in reading, math and even standardized tests.

To help our high school students learn more about foreign language courses, we interviewed Graciela Herrera, Spanish instructor at Primavera Online High School. Read on to learn more the benefits of learning a second language in high school.


Why should students study another language in high school?

“After high school, the options for students are endless. Students may continue with their education, enter the workforce, decide to travel or pursue other goals.

If a student continues with their education, they can progress to more advanced courses and continue learning the language, or simply be better prepared to complete the foreign language credits most colleges require.

If they start working after high school, then they will be more valuable to potential employers and may even be paid a higher wage. Additionally, if a student travels to a part of the world where the language they’ve learned is widely used, then they have the ability to communicate with others without having to rely on translators.”


What are some benefits of taking foreign language courses through Primavera?

“At Primavera, you have the option of determining the speed at which you would like to progress. If a student finds a lesson easy, then that student is able to move on without having to wait for their classmates. However, if there is a concept that a student has difficulty mastering, the student has the ability to stop and reach out to the course’s instructor for individualized instruction.”


What is one piece of advice you would give to a student wanting to learn another language?

“Don’t give up. Just like with anything else in this world, when you are learning a new skill, it will take time and determination to master that skill. There will be times when frustration sets in and the idea of taking the easy road out may tempt you. However, it’s important to remember that achieving excellence takes time and dedication!”

Primavera is a tuition-free public charter school, serving grades 6–12 in Arizona. Currently, Primavera offers Spanish and French, with some of those courses having a dual credit option to earn both high school and college credits.