Annie, a sophomore at Deer Valley High School, is passionate about nearly everything. A performer, she loves theater and dance. Recently, she exhibited her love for the arts and her community by organizing a charity art show to support the Deer Valley Dance Department and the Arizona Artist’s Guild Scholarship Fund.

Her idea for an art show occurred to her while attending a youth conference. In a mere five months, this dynamic 16-year-old pulled together a charity event with donated art, live music and even a raffle. She received help from friends, family, her school, local businesses and her Girl Scout Troop 1219. The event raised $700 which she donated equally to the Deer Valley Dance Department and the Arizona Artists’ Guild Scholarship Fund.

Annie says that this experience helped her grow as a person. Learning to overcome setbacks with understanding and compassion, she feels this project has made her a better leader. Foremost, she became adept at prioritizing her life, juggling school with multiple extracurricular activities. Thoughtful and gracious, Annie acknowledges blessings can show up in the most unlikely places—like her math teacher who unexpectedly ended up being a major source of support for Annie and for her event.

Annie’s passion reaches far beyond the arts however. At school, she is the Bible Study President, Social Progression Vice-President and Co-Founder, Superintendent Student Representative, The President’s Volunteer Service Award recipient, and a member of the physics club — while taking all honor classes and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Her jaw-dropping list of activities and interests include ballet, track and field, marine biology and public relations. She is quick to admit that she appreciates what she learns even when trying something she is not particularly good at doing. For example, Annie will tell you she is no Olympic athlete but track taught her a lot about leadership. She credits her coach who taught her that there are “no part-time champions” and urged her to give her all in every aspect of her life.

Annie is a full-time champion. Connection, mastery and self-creation all drivers of leadership, are apparent in Annie’s life. She clearly has the Girl Scout DNA as a go-getter, innovator, risk-taker and leader.