The Scorcher – burn your brand into the consumer’s brain. Make sure your target audience sees your branding as often as possible. Inundate your geographic or demographic with your brand image in as many creative ways as you can.

The Deep Fryer – rather join less networking groups and go deep. Get very involved, join a committee, get on a board, but get extremely involved so that all the members of the group recognize your name and get to know you and your area of expertise.

The Warmer – keep your social media warm at all times. Post at least twice a week so you never “go cold” on your friends or followers etc. It is important to keep your brand in front of them constantly.

The Fever Pitch – once you generate a lead, your marketing doesn’t end there. Marketing is everything, from the way you answer the phone to the way you pitch your product. Have a genuine and well thought out pitch ready once you have a hot lead on the other end of the phone or email. Don’t allow your hot leads to go cold!

The Thermal Blanket – Treat your clients like they deserve to be treated. Make them appreciate you and your service like they would a thermal blanket in the middle of the winter. You need to be a comfort to them, show them support, caring and understanding and they will be customers for life.

The Tropical Escape – Ensure your marketing plan is as outstandingly thought out as a well planned vacation. You need to account for every eventuality and still make sure that doing business with you is a positive ‘experience of a lifetime’ for your client.

The Sizzle – Every marketing campaign has to have that special sizzle. That unique selling point, that competitive edge, that creative catch that is going to break through all the ‘noise’ in the marketplace. Look at the ice bucket challenge, it offered such a unique and ‘cool’ concept that it created incredible hype resulting in phenomenal exposure for the ALS Foundation.

The Boil – Timing is everything, just as boiling an egg, you need to know how long to boil it if you want it soft-boiled or hard-boiled, so too with a marketing campaign – you need to time your campaign perfectly. The length of your campaign has to be optimum to generate the maximum return on investment, but not too long that it begins to get stale and dated. Watch your metrics and ensure that as you start to see a tapering off of lead generation you plan to cool down on the current campaign and warm up on a new one.

Hot and Humid – Sometimes a campaign can be more effective than expected, thereby generating almost too much ‘heat’ or in other words, it could be so effective that it appears to generate more leads that you can handle. This is just as much a concern as a campaign that generates too little business. If you cannot service your clients appropriately you could do irreparable damage to your business and its reputation. Turn down the heat and reduce the humidity if this happens. Reduce your online pay-per-click program, reduce your ad spend or just take some time out to restructure your business and hire and train more employees to handle the increased business, however, whatever you do, ensure that you never compromise on your level of service or it may get too hot and humid for your business to survive.

Piping Hot – Always try and keep an active pipeline. Ensure your marketing campaign is aligned with your production, financial and sales expectations and projections. By having clients at various levels on a pipeline you can structure your time and resources appropriately in terms of stewarding leads. You are able to work the leads at different points and you can try and avoid having times when business is either piping hot or ice cold.

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