By Jacqui Breger Founder and CEO of Miracles & Marvels LLC

Let’s face it, marketing your business costs money – placing ads in publications, having your name on billboards or bus stops, designing and maintaining a website, SEO, social media marketing, digital advertising, public relations, the list goes on and on and so the costs tend to rack up quickly…

As business owners, we do not like costs, we like increased income and low expenses, therefore enhancing our profit margin. With this logic, why spend any money on marketing at all?

The truth is we have to let our target market know who we are and what we offer and the unique value-add we present. We have to find ways to be accessible to them when they are looking for a service or product that we provide and let them know why our product or service is preferable to the competition. In order to do this, it is imperative that we spend some money on marketing and are visible in the right media at the right time.

However, that is the key. So many small business owners attempt to do all their marketing themselves – they become the DIY marketers. They print flyers, place ads, create business cards and build a website as these are considered norm… In my experience, these small business owners purchase print ads from the most persuasive sales people, they try different endeavors and hope that they bring in business, they have a website built without substantial understanding of the goals and objectives of the site, employ SEO ‘experts’ who seem to be speaking a language all their own that is completely unfamiliar and confusing. In summary, they attempt to piecemeal their marketing efforts in the hope that they are on the right track to increase revenue. Invariably what happens is a lot of money is spent with minimal return on investment and overall disappointment prevails.

Just as it is in your best interest to hire a realtor to help with a real estate transaction, a CPA to do your taxes and an attorney to represent you should you be arrested, it is to your benefit to hire a marketing professional to help you with your marketing strategy and implementation. In general, hiring a professional will save you money in the long run and as far as marketing is concerned, not only will a good, effective marketing professional save you money by streamlining your marketing efforts, but they will help enhance your return on investment, thus increasing your revenue too!

Jacqui Breger is the Founder and CEO of Miracles & Marvels LLC, a locally owned, full service marketing, advertising, PR and web development firm offering comprehensive coaching services, a la carte services or anything in between. Her firm specializes in integrating a strategic comprehensive offline multi-media and online digital campaign creating successful results for their clients.

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