Can you imagine your world today without the Internet? Can you imagine no email, no Google, no on-line shopping? It is almost like trying to imagine the world without transportation – almost impossible right?

The internet has become such an integral part of our lives, that it still surprises me how many small businesses have not embraced this new universe and do not understand its extensive value to their organization!

Everyone knows that they need a website, just like every business owner knows they need to have a business card, but so few realize the role the website plays in their organization. In the old days, if you opened a store, you were always given the advice, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION… well today, your best ‘location’ is on-line. Your website is the central pivot around which your entire organization should evolve.

Your website should be one of the most important focuses of your business. From knowing who you would want to visit your site, why you would want them to visit your site and why would they want to visit your site, what do you want them to gain from visiting your site and what would they want to gain from visiting your site, where are they going to find your site, when are they going to visit your site and how are they going to access your site? These are all questions you should be asking yourself before building your website, while building your website and periodically when you consider revising your updating your website.

From here, once your website is stellar, then you can embark on a comprehensive marketing strategy, using both off-line and on-line tools to bring in more business by enhancing your brand image, expanding your product range, expanding your target market base etc.

In order to build your entire universe, it is imperative that the center is solid and steadfast. In today’s world, by creating your website as the center of your universe, your marketing strategy and implementation is bound to be a success!

Jacqui Breger is the Founder and CEO of Miracles & Marvels LLC, a locally owned, full service marketing, advertising, PR and web development firm offering comprehensive coaching services, a la carte services or anything in between. Her firm specializes in integrating a strategic comprehensive offline multi-media and online digital campaign creating successful results for their clients.

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