By Jacqui Breger Founder and CEO of Miracles & Marvels LLC

She is captivating, you cannot peal your eyes away, you have to absorb every inch of her and get to know her inside and out. You feel as if you just have to get to know her better, in fact you are determined to possess her… You have waited your whole life to feel her power, her beauty, her charm – you are a man possessed…

As you enter the BMW dealership your heart races… you see the BMW logo, you identify with all it stands for, you have arrived. The status, the prestige, the insurmountable feeling of success – it is all yours!

How did BMW create such a legacy? What goes into the formulation of such a strong global brand identity? Each and every company, organization, institution or professional has a brand identity, a perception they have created for their product range, their service or their cause in the marketplace. It is the subliminal perception the consumer associates with each and every organization they come in contact with.

Those companies with a strong brand identity such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, Facebook, Apple, IBM, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc. have always been true to their core value. Throughout their growth and development, they have consistently remained faithful to their original mission and ensured that their fundamental market perception remains intact.

Strongly branded companies are also always consistent in their persona, their message and their service. They maintain brand consistency throughout their organization – they always use the same logo, same color scheme, same fonts, same imagery etc. Consistency throughout all visual and written presentation is paramount.

However, the art of branding is more than visual, it must create an emotive response to be truly successful. Strong brands ensure that they build emotion into their brand identity. Brands that glorify prestige, care, heart, love, warmth, belonging, independence, comfort, etc. elicit a desire stronger than any other. Just like being in love, they yield you powerless – you become hooked.

Therefore creating a brand is just like the start of a wonderful romance, be true to your brand, always be yourself and be consistent and most importantly fall in love!

Jacqui Breger is the Founder and CEO of Miracles & Marvels LLC, a locally owned, full service marketing, advertising, PR and web development firm offering comprehensive coaching services, a la carte services or anything in between. Her firm specializes in integrating a strategic comprehensive offline multi-media and online digital campaign creating successful results for their clients.

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