Do You Really Use Only 10 Percent Of Your Brain?
Of course not.
It’s the neuroscience myth that just refuses to go away. In fact, scientists say most of your brain is active all of the time.  Tap into what’s readily available to all, open up and flourish with this experiential workshop.  Participants will learn a couple of basic, practical mind-body truths and how to put them into action.
With the evolution of intelligence and the extraordinary capabilities of the brain, why not maximize your own potential?  Two local certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioners are currently supporting individuals in achieving peak performance and maximum growth in their personal and professional lives.  NLP is a simple, yet sophisticated approach to communication and personal development.  It looks at the relationship between the brain, language and body. The focus is on how to use language of the mind to consistently achieve specific desired outcomes.   Since NLP speaks to the unconscious mind, it can bypass willpower in its finest moment.
Mindfully plant your own seeds with this subtle, sensitive and sophisticated self-exploration. NLP can be utilized by anyone, carry these new found skills with you and watch your garden grow. All are welcome to this one hour experiential workshop.  Come learn more about NLP as a means to achieve improvements or changes that many of us seek. Participants will learn a couple of basic, practical mind-body truths and how to put them into action. Gain practical strategies to integrate into their daily lives.
NLP workshop ~ At Agave Farms in Phoenix – April 9th, 2 to 3 p.m.
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Suggested Donation – $10 – $20
Certified NLP Practitioners
J. Adam Burch – J Adam Burch is a former paratrooper turned rogue-writer, a painter of the rebellious nature and chapter ahead his time. This NLP Practitioner travels foreign and local provide inspiration not gained at a desk, insight discovered from living the law of attraction and a fearless outlook toward the pursuit of truth, justice and other stuff. A student from multiple colleges, he considers the world a classroom, everyone you meet is a teacher and life is the ultimate lab experiment where you write chapters according to your own reality.

Stacey Lane –  

Stacey Lane is there to promote and explore America’s leaps in character. As an educator she uses her NLP knowledge to guide students imagination to the limits, meanwhile traveling, writing and assisting others through their spiritual process- showing the neuro-pathways to excellence and re-framing steel-like confidence. She is excited about the rapid results NLP offers her clients and thrives in witnessing them blossom.  This untamed free spirit is a mother, grandmother, and friend to many willing players.

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