Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Mothers and Grandmothers do an enormous amount for their families throughout the year and Mother’s Day is the right time to celebrate moms. They have many hats they wear all year long, and a pampering vacation is just what your mother, grandmother, or mother figure craves and needs. Whether the mother figure in your life is a stay-at-home mom, being the head chef, taxi driver, cleaning and doing laundry, or is out there in the corporate world working full time, then doing all the household chores, she deserves to be appreciated daily!

Studies show that families spend more than $150 on their mothers on Mother’s Day and that moms choose spending time with their children as their favorite gift. Moms love to take time off from their daily, arduous routines and feel special. Instead of buying her flowers that die quickly, or taking her to a restaurant on Mother’s Day, think outside of the box and look for a warm weather getaway that will allow her to relax and rejuvenate. She will come back refreshed, recharged and grateful.

Why not give mom the gift of traveling together and surprise her with a cruise vacation package, A cruise is the perfect chance for mom to relax in the sun or explore a historical city, enjoy nightly entertainment and savor fine dining. Cruise ships also have incredible, world class spas on board, like Canyon Ranch Spa, that she can indulge in and truly unwind. She and her family can dress up one night if she chooses and have a “night out on the town” and end with a magical and complimentary photo shoot, then purchase the professionally done photos to cherish her family time on the cruise ship.

With different cruise lines, exciting itineraries and ship styles, there’s a cruise for every mom. Cruise lines are constantly changing, updating and offering special deals. That is why it is important to consult a travel consultant, like April Creeger with Cruise Planners to help “navigate and explore” the best cruise options for you and your family. There are large ships, small intimate ships, and everything in between. A great option for a quick getaway is a 5-day out of Los Angeles, which sails for 5 nights. You have an overnight in Cabo and two relaxing days at sea.


Mothers aren’t the only ones deserving of the gift of travel; show dad some love too! Whether dad was always there to be a handyman, helped you learn to ride a bike or told the best dad jokes, he deserves an awesome present. A Cruise Planners Travel Consultant can help you plan the perfect trip for dad, from a ski trip to Colorado to a weekend with his buddies in Las Vegas or even a river cruise with mom. Is your dad a huge history buff? There are fantastic options to explore WWII sights overseas like the Churchill War Rooms in London, or exploring Normandy.

Maybe your dad is a beer aficionado? Take him on a weekend to Seattle, or better yet plan a vacation to Belgium to explore some old or new breweries and craft beer. Or maybe your dad loves cigars and old cars? Nothing more exciting than taking a cruise to untouched and virtually unchanged Cuba to see all the vibrant, colorful cars of the 1950s chugging along with their proud owners. Then partake in a genuine Cuban cigar, a dream come true.

There are 4-night introductory cruises to Cuba, or extensive 10-night cruises to really give you an immersive Cuban experience into the people, culture and sights, sounds, and flavors of Cuba. A vacation is the perfect way to take care of dad for a change! With so many options for dad and his perfect travel, utilize the services of a trusted travel consultant, like April Creeger with Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel representative for all of your travel planning needs.


Congratulations to all college graduates! Reward yourself for earning your degree by treating yourself to a vacation. Leave the trip planning to a Cruise Planners Travel Consultant so you can focus on celebrating your accomplishments. You have worked hard and have been dedicated to achieving your dreams and goals, so why leave your celebration trip to chance?

Millennials are the fastest and largest growing segment of travelers that utilize the services of a travel consultant. Whether it is an all-inclusive fun filled trip to the beautiful beaches of Riviera Maya, an adventure trip to Peru or New Zealand with multi sports like hiking, biking and kayaking or a weekend in New York City with friends, your Cruise Planners Travel Consultant will handle the logistics so all you have to do is show up!

There are many choices for young adult travel, so grab 10 of your closest friends, or go solo and go explore the world. This might be your only chance before getting into the work world to throw caution to the wind and live life to the fullest. Immersive travel is fulfilling, spirited and connects you to the locals, with their food, stories, drinks, and passion for their culture and way of life.

One fantastic option is a brand new river cruise option that is definitely NOT your mom and dad’s river cruise experience. Uniworld is the leader in luxury river cruising, but this new concept is design with U in mind, the young and energetic crowd. This cruise is hip, cool, fun, fresh and everything in between. U By Uniworld is a new take on experiential travel, with cruises designed for those with a passion for exploring and a taste for authentic adventure.

Another epic itinerary to explore is the Rolling on the Rhine. Spend 3 full days in delightfully quirky Amsterdam taking in the local beer, the vibrant city center and party bars. End your vacation in beautiful and funky Frankfurt, for two nights of more fun and exploring. Call a travel consultant, like April Creeger with Cruise Planners to get a personalized and customized quote. 602-402-3897.

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