Hiding in Plain Sight

by Ridgeline Staff

For over 30 years, Martin Moreno has been sharing his art with the world.  The son of migrant workers, Moreno’s mission in the arts has been to enlighten the public by depicting not only the beauty of humankind but also those areas that are frequently hidden away.

Moreno brings to light, what is hiding in plain sight. “I don’t always do pretty art.  I believe it’s the artists’ right, even duty, to point fingers and depict the seamier side of life when needed,” Moreno remarked.   Some of the murals he creates, while at first glance look beautiful and carefree, are often, when looked at with a closer eye, full of images that make up our reality in the 21st century.

All of these images come to life in his sculpture, murals, paintings and mosaics.  But beauty is not the only thing Mr. Moreno paints,  he touches many hearts while painting visions through student’s art creations.

In November of this year, Moreno was recognized as Teacher of the Month at Ridgeline Academy.  Moreno’s artistic insights and techniques are shared with students and demonstrated throughout the hallways at Ridgeline Academy.  “Ridgeline Academy has been so blessed to have Mr. Moreno sharing his passion for the arts with our students,” Principal Keven Barker said.


Moreno further assists by collaborating with teachers in the Core Knowledge curriculum.   “My fifth-graders were working on a World Lakes and Vegetation Project for social studies and science and were able to complement their chosen lakes and plants with student made creations now hanging on our classroom walls,” Ms. Lane said.

Moreno has served as the Arts Director at Las Artes, the Resident Artist at the Latino Arts Project, and a founding member and past board member of ALAC.  His work has been featured on the cover of the San Francisco Times and most recently selected as next year’s Featured Artist at the Heard Museum’s, Mercado de Las Artes.

The 2011 Governor’s Arts Award winner and Arizona Artist of the year, now adds Ridgeline Academy’s Teacher of the Month to this impressive resume.

“A special thank you for all that you do for our students, Mr. Moreno.  You are an incredible artist, role model, and educator,” Principal Keven Barker added with a smile.

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