By Lauren Burgoyne
Founder/Executive Producer
The Greater Purpose Project

If you’re a parent, chances are Spiderman, Superman and Captain America are hanging out in your laundry pile right now in the form of T-shirts, pajamas, underwear…Not to mention the Lego Batman you almost tripped over today while packing the PB and J inside your child’s Avengers’ lunchbox.

Being a huge superhero fan myself (I was a Ninja Turtle for Halloween three years ago) I admire the positive message most of these mythical crime fighters are sending our youth. However, the reality is Gotham City is too far away for kids needing a real life role model, which is why non-profit ‘The Greater Purpose Project School Superheroes Tour’ is coming to a school near you!

While they may not shoot spider webs from their fingernails or leap tall buildings in a single bound their abilities to overcome adversity and inspire others are just as powerful.

These Superheroes are… YOUR CHILDREN!

As a broadcast journalist I have a decade worth’s experience interviewing kids who are curing diseases with lemonade stands, cutting their hair to fight cancer and creating service projects to aid the homeless.  I’ve witnessed the superpowers kids possess and I’m always blown away with what they’ll come up with next!
The GPP School Superheroes Tour inspires students of all ages to discover their inner Superhero while exploring how their talents and differences  (Super Powers) can help others!  Olympic athletes, Paralympians, professional athletes and other celebrity role models are joining GPP’s ‘get out your chair wave your hands in the air’ interactive assemblies.

GPP reinforces the importance of education while giving students/teachers the tools to start their own ‘Greater Purpose Projects’. GPP’s other goal is to introduce kids to Super Hero Youth.  These are  kindergarten through college age individuals who are overcoming extreme obstacles (e.g. paralyzed, cognitive impairment, loss of limbs, battling an illness, orphaned, former homeless etc.)

Meet Harvey Parry
Harvey’s Super Power: Supersonic Speed
Harvey-ParryHarvey Parry may not cross the finish line with legs that look like most people but he is probably faster than most people you know! By the time Harvey turned eight; this super star athlete had won 19 gold medals! Harvey is showing the world the amazing victories that can be won through your DIFFERENCES!

We cannot wait to visit your Superhero School! To share your own Superhero story and for more info visit

Note: The GPP School Heroes Program varies for each school type (elementary-
high school).