Reviewed by A.D. Beal

Baywatch is yet another “80’s tv show rebooted as a raunchy comedy” that the Jump Street movies made so popular. The film seems to think that said comedy is all you need, because it does not offer any likable characters or a storyline that hasn’t been repeated a million times before. The idea in general just seems pointless. Honestly, how many people were asking for a Baywatch movie?

The Mummy
There is a lot of exciting potential in Universal’s reboot of their classic monsters (or the Dark Universe as they’re calling it). The Mummy, however, is a very underwhelming start to the series. While Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella (Star Trek Beyond) and Russell Crowe give it their all, the rest of the characters are either poorly written or miscast. The action is rather bland, and when the film goes for a suspenseful or scary scene, it falls short. All of this is a shame really because it had a lot of good talent behind it. I’d also recommend not seeing it in 3D…it’s terrible.

Wonder Woman
If you were disappointed by the previous DCEU entries (I personally like Man Of Steel and Suicide Squad), then Wonder Woman will be the film you’ve been waiting for. Gal Gadot is perfect as Diana Prince, and her chemistry with Chris Pine is believable. Even the supporting cast are distinctly interesting. It does follow a few tropes, and it’s villains are very forgettable (outside of Dr. Poison). But aside from that, director Patty Jenkins (Monster) delivers in her sophomore effort.

It Comes At Night
A couple and their son isolate themselves after the outbreak of an unknown plague, but their secluded existence is threatened when a young family seeks shelter. It Comes At Night is not a horror movie like the trailers would say, and is instead a psychological thriller and drama, with some elements of horror. And it’s also very abstract and doesn’t give many answers, so it may not be a film for everyone. But it’s an excellent film nonetheless, with each member of the cast giving pitch perfect performances. It’s visuals are also excellent (despite a glaring aspect ratio change).