After signing the lease back in 2016, Mr Mesquite Taqueria will be officially opening their doors this summer on 19th Avenue and Happy Valley Road.

“This location means a lot to us since it is our first location in the greater Phoenix area, ” a company rep says. “Although COVID-19 slowed down the process of development, we kept our heads high and continued going at it.”

The date of the grand opening, which is to be announced, is set to be a huge day with many giveaways and free food to introduce Mr Mesquite to the community. Known for its fresh takes on Mexican street food and smoky, flavorful meats made on a custom-built mesquite charcoal grill, Mr Mesquite Taqueria made many fans across Arizona after opening the doors of its first location in 2015, according to the company. Now, six years later, the fast-growing eatery operates seven locations across Arizona and Illinois and has its eyes on continued expansion across the United States.

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