Are you looking to expand your referrals and your professional business contacts? Are you tired of leaving your family in the evening to drive 45 minutes to go to a networking event that charges you money? Are you looking to have people in your circle who you can trust and feel comfortable referring business to, because they are your neighbors, community leaders and volunteers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then come check out the new and exciting Networking 85085.

My name is April Creeger, and I have created this networking opportunity so that we can spend less time driving all over the valley for disconnected networking opportunities. If you are spending $20 a week on networking, you are spending $80 minimum to go to these networking events a month not to mention the food once you are there, the gas and most importantly your time. It is my desire, as well as the desire of the meeting attendees, to connect on a very real and personal level with their peers and business owners who work and live in the community.

We currently meet at lunch time weekly, at LÍmon Tacos and Tequila at the corner of Dove Valley and North Valley Parkway, next to Fry’s. We start at 11:30 so we can enjoy lunch, ($2 Taco Tuesdays, can’t beat that), continuing the cycle of supporting a locally owned business that is right in our backyard. We have time to eat, mingle and enjoy each others company. At 12:00 we start networking and have time to explain our businesses and pass out business cards. After formal introductions we then have time for one-on-one time with the individuals that we would like to get to know, either because you have a common connection, or you want to do business with that person, or possibly have a referral for them. We will also have a happy hour once a month at various locations, updated on the Facebook page.

What NETWORKING 85085 Is

This is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors, in a friendly fun environment. All are welcome to come, the only requirement is your desire to meet new people, and that you live and/or work in 85085.

What NETWORKING 85085 Is Not

We are not a BNI. You are not required to meet every week or send a replacement when you are gone. I am a travel consultant, I travel extensively so that my clients are well informed. We all have extremely busy lives, with kids, aging parents, health issues, etc, and I don’t want you to feel unwelcome because you can’t make one meeting or you are running late.

There is not cost to join in, just the cost of your food, if you desire to eat. We are not the biggest gig in town, that would be left to the Chambers, which they do a fantastic job. You can find all the information at Facebook group page, Networking 85085, request to become a member, or email me at [email protected]. Come check us out, making business relationships, one connection at a time.