In an effort to recognize the disabled community as active and determined, the Phoenix City Council recently unanimously approved the adoption the new accessibility icon. The new icon reflects a head forward position with the arms back, symbolizing dynamic mobility and movement. “Phoenix is leading the way in what we hope will be a national movement to change the way the disabilities are perceived,” said Mayor Greg Stanton. “The new symbol reflects members of functional needs community for who they really are: Dynamic, determined, and on the move.” The original icon was developed in 1969. The new symbol of access was created by the Accessible Icon Project in 2012. In recent years, the project has grown from a grassroots campaign to a larger, worldwide, social design effort. Use of the new symbol will be cost neutral for the city. As the need arises, existing signs will be replaced or repainted, and new signs will be added as needed. Phoenix will reach out to other government and private entities in the state to educate others about the new symbol and to encourage adoption. “The new symbol is powerful. It conveys a message about who I am” said Jennifer Longdon, an advocate for the disabled rights community. “This is a more accurate depiction of a person with a disability; active, motivated and engaged.”