Photo Courtesy of The Crock Pot Club

If you’re in need of a quick and convenient dinner option that is healthy too, you’re in luck, as The Crock Pot Club launches on April 22. Owned by local brother and sister duo Ian Hyslop and Shannon Brown, The Crock Pot Club steps up the convenience factor by providing fresh, fully prepared meals that are ready to make in a slow cooker.

“Our motto is ‘just clip it, flip it, set it, and forget it,’” says Ian. “We want to take all of the hard work out of making healthy, delicious meals at home.”

The Crock Pot Club offers a subscription for weekly delivery of their meals. All their meals use certified organic produce and grass-fed, pasture-raised meat. There is also a vegetarian option for those who don’t eat meat. Each week there is a different menu item with an option for veggie lovers. Customers can change their subscription type at any time. They offer a half pot meal for $27.99 per week, which serves four, and a full pot meal for $49.99, which serves eight. This is less than the cost of what it takes to feed a family of four at most fast-food restaurants. Meals are delivered on Thursday mornings and customers can choose the time when they want them dropped off. The company does it this way so that their customers can throw their meals into their slow cooker before heading off to work.

Ian shares that he has been in the food service business for 20 years in a wide variety of roles. He is a foodie at heart who loves experimenting in the kitchen and sharing his creations with his family. Shannon is a certified health coach with a degree in biochemistry from Northern Arizona University. She was an educator for 10 years and has a history of healing her own autoimmune conditions, so she loves bringing science into the kitchen and teaching others to heal with food.

Ian and Shannon were inspired to start The Crock Pot Club for a variety of factors, including convenience for local families. Ian is a father to two teenage boys, ages 16 and 13, while Shannon is a new mom to a baby girl. “We know the challenge of finding the time and energy to make nourishing and tasty food for our families,” Shannon explains. “In addition, we saw how people have enjoyed the convenience of getting food and groceries delivered to their door during the pandemic.”

The brother and sister entrepreneurs share that The Crock Pot Club subscription is a also great option for senior citizens who don’t have the ability, space, or desire to cook for themselves.

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