May be Deer Valley Academy (DVA), a charter high school that operates after school and evening hours. What makes DVA so unique can best be described by the students who attend; their reasons for making the switch and what they discovered once they enrolled.

HAILEY THOMPSON experienced a family tragedy that affected school. “I realized I needed to focus on myself, get a job and find a better environment.” The evening schedule, smaller classes and individualized attention made the difference. “Finally I can balance my work, school and family responsibilities.”

EVAN VOYER entered DVA right out of eighth grade on a recommendation from his older brother who had taken a few night classes to catch up. Evan’s now in tenth grade and likes the 2-1/2 hour blocks. “I’m not constantly switching classes and I meet new people all the time.”

AMETHYST COWDEN was searching for an option when her mom found DVA during an on-line search. “I like taking two classes at a time instead of six, and the 2-1/2 hour blocks prepare me for college.”

JOSEPH BARRAJAS, an advanced Cello player who hopes to play Carnegie Hall one day, takes private music lessons each morning. He finds the Academy “so personal and the classes are a reasonable size. It gives you hope,” which he feels he lost while trying to juggle the demands of his music career and school.

KIERSTEN FARMER who plans to be a Pediatric Oncologist, knew quitting school wasn’t an option. She realized attending DVA full-time would allow her to work long days and attend school at night. “It’s quick-paced and the smaller classes allow you to interact with classmates, teachers and the administration on a more personal level.”

JOSH KORP-GAGNON lost his mother as a freshman, affecting him throughout high school. He dropped out senior year and found DVA a year later. “I’m older than most high school students and knew going back to regular high school would be hard. At DVA I feel at home, knowing others are like me, needing a second chance for a diploma.”

SHAILA THOMPSON’s counselor recommended she attend DVA part-time to help her catch up on credits. “I really wanted a GED but knew a diploma was better,” so she decided to attend DVA full-time. “Everyone’s willing to make sure you graduate and do what you need to do.”

Deer Valley Academy is a tuition free option located at 51 Avenue and Union Hills. Students may attend part-time for credit retrieval or full-time to earn a diploma. School hours are 3-5:30pm and/or 5:50-8:20pm, Monday through Thursday. Six start dates provide flexible enrollment. New classes begin January 4. Call 602.467.6874 or visit for information.